Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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What team will win the overall standings for the regular season?
Toronto Maple Leafs (haha)
Tampa Bay Lightning
Colorado Avalanche
Florida Panthers
Edmonton Oilers
New York Rangers
Seattle Kraken
Montreal Canadiens
Chicago Blackhawks

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2015 CJHL All Star Team Rosters East All Stars 1 Tyler Berger (G) Fort Saskatchewan Hawks 31 Mitch Vigneau (G) Strathcona Bruins 2 Tyson Maton (D) Wetaskiwin Icemen 4 Jordan Martin (D) Strathcona Bruins 6 Tanner Kress (D) Fort Saskatchewan Hawks 7 Josh Gallinger (D) Sherwood Park Knights 8 Evan Cox (D) Leduc Riggers 9 Bryce Kneller (F) Edmonton Royals 10 Tyler Wilson (F) Fort Saskatchewan Hawks 11 Lane Morin (F) Fort Saskatchewan Hawks 12 Ryley Bennefield (F) Wetaskiwin Icemen 14 Carter Huebner (F) Leduc Riggers 15 Keagan Gorda (F) Strathcona Bruins 16 Aaron Tiessen (F) Sherwood Park Knights 17 Chad Coulombe (F) Edmonton Royals 18 Mik Mykietyshyn (F) Edmonton Royals 19 Coltin Affleck (F) Beaumont Chiefs 20 Jarret Evans (F) Sherwood Park Knights 21 Marc Tessier (D) Beaumont Chiefs 22 Mitch Cunningham (D) Edmonton Royals 23 Justin Ferris (F) Fort Saskatchewan Hawks Coach John Parfett Fort Saskatchewan Hawks Asst Tom Tookey Fort Saskatchewan Hawks Asst Keith Toomey Fort Saskatchewan Hawks Trainer Rigel Carias Fort Saskatchewan Hawks Mgr Kyle Waite Fort Saskatchewan Hawks West All Stars 1 Joe Mandrusiak (G) North Edmonton Red Wings 31 Courtney Lane (G) Stony Plain Flyers 2 Jeff Brown (D) Beverly Warriors 3 Jordan Denesiuk (D) North Edmonton Red Wings 4 Brady Gilchrist (D) Spruce Grove Regals 5 Everett Nemeth (F) Edmonton Mustangs 6 Markus Lovsin (F) Stony Plain Flyers 7 Aaron Letourneau (D) Stony Plain Flyers 8 Jordan Rooke (D) Morinville Jets 9 Brady Goebel (F) Stony Plain Flyers 10 Tanner Cimino (F) Edmonton Mustangs 11 Tom Brennan (F) North Edmonton Red Wings 12 Rhyce Cotterill (F) Spruce Grove Regals 14 Casey Reid (F) St Albert Merchants 17 Mike Roelevold (F) St Albert Merchants 18 Tyler Hagel (F) Morinville Jets 19 Ty Kroenewitt (F) Stony Plain Flyers 20 Peter Daoust (F) Edmonton Mustangs 21 Eric Webb (D) Edmonton Mustangs 22 Cole Cavell (F) Beverly Warriors 23 Dan Rombough (D) St Albert Merchants Coach Wally Corse North Edmonton Red Wings Asst Brett Nakonechny North Edmonton Red Wings Asst Jeff Provencal North Edmonton Red Wings Asst Troy Segin North Edmonton Red Wings Trainer Paul Stewart North Edmonton Red Wings Mgr Ron Harrison North Edmonton Red Wings East Rookie All Stars 31 Micah Bonneville (G) Fort Saskatchewan Hawks 35 Trevor Adams (G) Edmonton Royals 8 Braedon Shute (F) Beaumont Chiefs 17 Trayton Cavalieri (F) Beaumont Chiefs 12 Mitchell Bodeux (D) Beaumont Chiefs 6 Zac Laiss (D) Edmonton Royals 12 Liam Skitch (F) Edmonton Royals 3 Mason Younger (D) Fort Saskatchewan Hawks 5 Alexander Antal (F) Fort Saskatchewan Hawks 2 Logan Cassidy (F) Leduc Riggers 15 Darren Bourassa (F) Leduc Riggers 16 Parker Thomson (D) Leduc Riggers 6 Jayson Sagoo (F) Sherwood Park Knights 14 Ben Schotte (D) Sherwood Park Knights 15 Josh Padilla-Proudfo (F) Sherwood Park Knights 5 Clayton Johnson (D) Strathcona Bruins 16 Nic Moulding (F) Strathcona Bruins 88 Justin Miller (F) Strathcona Bruins 10 Josh Hildebrand (F) Wetaskiwin Icemen 11 Dustin Cochrane (F) Wetaskiwin Icemen 27 Tristian Lindberg (D) Wetaskiwin Icemen Coach Scott Henderson Edmonton Royals Asst Darrell Rebus Edmonton Royals Asst Kevin Elkow Edmonton Royals Asst John Sirovyak Edmonton Royals Trainer Jennifer Onyschuk Edmonton Royals Mgr Harold Kruse Edmonton Royals West Rookie All Stars 30 Chase Mudryk (G) Beverly Warriors 31 Lawrence Rosychuk (G) Morinville Jets 17 William Nwaribie (D) Beverly Warriors 18 Fabio De Nardis (F) Beverly Warriors 22 Taylor Pannicia (F) Beverly Warriors 91 Matthew Felice (F) Beverly Warriors 4 Stephen Fuller (D) Edmonton Mustangs 11 Liam Weiss (F) Edmonton Mustangs 17 Dean Jones (F) Edmonton Mustangs 16 Travis McLaughlin (F) Morinville Jets 21 Koben Hammett (F) Morinville Jets 22 Ty Tipton (D) Morinville Jets 8 Travis Racic (D) North Edmonton Red Wings 14 Caleb McGillis (F) North Edmonton Red Wings 18 Mikey Mantello (F) North Edmonton Red Wings 24 Jacob Mandrusiak (F) North Edmonton Red Wings 7 Michael Woloshyn (F) Spruce Grove Regals 17 Mathieu Carby (F) Spruce Grove Regals 20 Dexter Hanas (D) Spruce Grove Regals 14 Michael Bruni (D) St Albert Merchants Coach Scott Rodda St Albert Merchants Asst Darren Lamble St Albert Merchants Asst Zach Rodda St Albert Merchants Asst Alan Fraser St Albert Merchants Trainer Stephen Wall St Albert Merchants Mgr Craig Dory St Albert Merchants

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East Division
No Games Scheduled

West Division
No Games Scheduled

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